🎉 We are doing an OVERHAUL for the CATJAM TOKEN – Gradually turning it from a Yield Generating token on the Binance Smart Chain to a PURE MEME COIN on the Cardano Blockchain. Catjam will be a „good vibes“✨ token that you can send to your friends and family or accept as payment on your website, similar to Doge Coin. We will continue to do charity and help out cat shelters but this will not be the core purpose of the project anymore and will continue on the side as an extra bonus.

⚠️ We are going to DISMANTLE the current Catjam token ROADMAP – This is to not make any huge promises anymore before we actually have the budget to fulfill these promises and the projects are already in development. We will also remove the whitepaper because it serves no purpose. We will write a new whitepaper in the future if absolutely needed.

After the Cardano migration we will do „The Great Giveawaykening“ airdrop, where we will distribute 1/3 of the entire supply to the holders, we will take a snapshot of all the Binance Chain wallets and then distribute the new tokens according to the amount of BSC Catjam tokens you hold. The most loyal and active community members on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Reddit get airdropped a bigger percentage of tokens than others and the more tokens you hold, the more Cardano Catjam tokens you will receive. 🚀🚀

PS: We may have to create a submission form on the website that you’ll have to fill to be eligible for the new Catjam token airdrops. Please stay tuned to our social media and website for updates.

🔥 New website is planned to go live in the next couple of days and the marketing push for the new and improved Catjam Token will follow. Thank you for being part of this journey and keep vibing!

All the love, all the power,




Catjam is a community driven meme coin with good vibes living on the Cardano blockchain.

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Catjam Token

Catjam Token

Catjam is a community driven meme coin with good vibes living on the Cardano blockchain.

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