🍥 Hi all you beautiful people. Tom here. I just wanted to clear up something about the dismantling of the roadmap. Like I have said, we are dismantling the original roadmap for Catjam token when relaunching on Cardano. But! This does not mean that we will not eventually fulfill everything we promised along the way. I still dream of NFT’s of shelter cats and the opportunity for people to ‘adobt’ them on the blockchain and support them by owning their NFT’s. I want to make this happen but I don’t want to promise something before it is absolutely certain we can fulfill that promise. So that is why we are dismantling the roadmap – So we can start from scratch and build this great meme coin step by step.

I also have a great idea for Catjam token that I want to implement into the Catjam Wallet, among other things, that we are planning to develope in the next year or two. More on this in the future. I want Catjam to be a fun, colorful meme coin with good vibes that can easily be sent to friends and family and that has its own wallet with extra fun stuff. And all of this while helping cats in need and spreading the good vibes. ❤️

All the love, all the power,

Tom. 🐱