CatJAM AMA Recap (4/26/21)

Q1: Welcome team CatJAM, great to have you here tonight!👌

Q2: Let’s get right into it! We’ll start off with a fairly easy question; what is CatJAM in its essence? Why was the project developed in the first place?

Q3: Interesting statement, sounds like an ambitious one! Now, the secret behind any project is the developing team. Can you tell us a bit more about the CatJAM team, who is behind it and do we know them from other projects perhaps?

Some deeper meaning behind a memecoin is definitely due time with all these clones popping up.

Q4: Urstandable choice, how do you vough for safety and a secure ecosystem for your investors if you’ve taken the non-anon approach?

Q5: Those are great moves, can we see the links of that stuff being locked?

Q6: Which company will do the audit?

Q7: Let’s dive into the details. The CatJAM token. What exactly are the features of the CatJAM token, or should I say $MEOW token? Is their a burning mechanism for example?

Q8: Could you share the current tokenomics with us as well? (price, circulating supply, etc.)

Q9: Now from your explanation we know that the CatJAM tokens is unique in quite some ways; first of all, it is community owned is that correct? What does this mean exactly? What is in the hands of the community at the moment?

Q10: Sounds good, also an innovative use of the ETH 2.0 update. For now the project is still partly driven by you as the dev then as well right?

Someone has to tow the boat, even if it’s only the initial push

Q11: Well, a very interesting aspect of crypto that I personally like a lot these days is the charity aspect. We’ve seen it before with Sadcat Token and I hear you guys are doing something similar. Can you explain to us, what is being done for charity?

Q12: After the Giveawaykening the donations to the shelters shall short you say. Do we have an estimate of when this event will take place?

Q13: CatJAM token also has a great community behind it if I’m correct. I was welcomed by a great Cat Remix on the website and I hope there might be more community content. Could you share some with us?

Look at that, great one👏 MEMESSSS

Q14: I think it’s a positive aspect that the token is so focused on the community. Memes, songs and other content are always appreciated in crypto and we all love it too ;) Could you quickly share the song on the website with our community if possible?

Q15: Before we jump into the community questions, could you share the link to the CatJAM community once more?

Be sure to check it out! We’ll dive into the community session worth $50 of ETH in a sec if that’s okay with you Dev?

Q16: ♥️Charity projects are certainly appreciated by everyone, but in some countries many may not realize it. There are still many who need our helping hand. How did CATJAM spread awareness of this project? Does CATJAM have a IocaI community so they can better understand your project? And How do I join this great project?

Q17: competitive advantage?

Q18: Your governance method is “stake-based”, so everyone that holds enough of your tokens can participate, how do you incentivize your voters to make good apportations to your platform? Is there any way to reward them? What is your next 5 to 10 year future plan?

Q19: NFT technology makes significant contributions to the digitalization process of human life and seems to accelerate this process. How does CatJAM see the potential of NFT technology in the future, what would you say about your future projection?

Q20: How Decentralized is CatJam on BSC? The biggest concerns I see with BSC is that it is not Decentralized enough. How are you keeping CatJam Decentralized? Would a move to Ethereum help with it?

Q21: Can you tell us about the motivations and benefits for investors to hold tokens in the long term? And do you have any secret plans for the future, if so. Can you tell us?

Q22: The CATJAM great team consists of how many people?

Q23: I see the logo of your project as very interesting which is like cat from meme and makes it different from other projects, what’s the reason you chose that logo? Is there an interesting story behind the standing of your project and can you share it with all of us?

Q24: Many crimes are committed in the real world every day and animals become victims, including cats. How does Catjam Project see the importance of charity and a sense of caring, especially in solving incidents such as animal rights abuses? Do you have a real role here?

Q25: You explained that CatJam intends to take away the centralized power of the so-called “elites” and give it back to the people. The so called elites won’t sit and watch centralized power taken away from them without putting up a fight. Did you factor in the bottlenecks that would surface in trying to do this?

Q26: Every project is bound to encounter problems on the way to success. Did CATJAM encounter any problems at this time? What problems and shortcomings does CATJAM develop in the blockchain space?

The cats are coming.

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Catjam is a community driven meme coin with good vibes living on the Cardano blockchain.

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Catjam Token

Catjam Token

Catjam is a community driven meme coin with good vibes living on the Cardano blockchain.

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