📢 So today a huge dump happened where someone sold a considerable amount of tokens that caught everyone off guard, including myself. Me and our Admin RustyCamel have investigated and turns out it was tokens that were sent from the contract deployment wallet a long time ago. I traced it…


Catjam token Cardano migration will happen in September after Cardano smart contracts go live.

Meow you ask: But ser, how shall one be ready for this?
Short answer: You can never be truly ready for something so epic.

But if you want…

✅ BEHOLD. THE NEW CATJAM WEBSITE IS LIVE: https://www.catjamtoken.io

🎉 Tonight, smart contracts launch on the Cardano blockchain. We will roll out the migration step by step.

1️. First, we will give away 1 BILLION BSC Catjam tokens to a lucky winner.

2️. Then, we will sit back and vibe to the absolute epicness that is the launch of smart contracts on Cardano and develope our new Catjam token. This will probably take a few days.

3️. When the new token is minted, we will wait for an exchange or DEX to enable liquidity pools for Cardano tokens.

4️. Then…showtime. 🤩

🍥 Hi all you beautiful people. Tom here. I just wanted to clear up something about the dismantling of the roadmap. Like I have said, we are dismantling the original roadmap for Catjam token when relaunching on Cardano. But! This does not mean that we will not eventually fulfill everything…


✅ Catjam Token is now finally tracked on Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/catjam/

✅ Catjam token Cardano migration will happen in September, when Cardano smart contracts go live. The migration is expected to take some time to complete. New Catjam tokenomics and initial price will be announced, total supply will remain the same. Be early and fill your bags now to be eligible for the huge airdrops right after migration.

And ofcourse, don’t forget to…KEEP CALM AND VIBE! 😼🎶

Yours truly,


🎉 We are doing an OVERHAUL for the CATJAM TOKEN – Gradually turning it from a Yield Generating token on the Binance Smart Chain to a PURE MEME COIN on the Cardano Blockchain. Catjam will be a „good vibes“✨ token that you can send to your friends and family or…

Another day, another AMA. The best one so far. This AMA was held in the Gem Collectors Telegram group. Let’s get right to it.

Q1: Welcome team CatJAM, great to have you here tonight!👌

Hello and glad to be here!

Q2: Let’s get right into it! We’ll start off with a fairly easy question; what is CatJAM in its essence? Why was the project developed in the first place?

CatJAM, in essence, is a charity token that aims to use the power of crypto and the blockchain to help…

Last night, just a couple of hours before the unbelievably successful pre-sale and subsequent launch, an AMA was held with the founder of CatJAM Token where curious crypto enthusiasts and investors from all over the world asked questions about the project and plans for it in the future.

Hundreds of…

Catjam Token

Catjam is a community driven meme coin with good vibes that will be launched on the Cardano blockchain.

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