We are live! Finally after many hours of waiting the transaction to create the LiquidityPool finally went through and Catjam token as of now is live and tradable on SundaeSwap.

Please bear in mind that transactions might still need much longer than expected due to the congested network, but just be patient, they will eventually go through.

Again: Catjam token is Live! Time to spread the word! 😻

💧If you want, you can add Liquidity to the MEOW/ADA Pool by visiting: https://exchange.sundaeswap.finance/#/liquidity/pools

🛒 Buy and trade your MEOW here: https://exchange.sundaeswap.finance/#/swap?swap_from=cardano.ada&swap_to=3d63964527efea27f0e6dcdd314b68bf8c9fa34249d3989d49007c6a.4d454f57

📢 Go spread the word: Let’s unite and go out there and spread the word. Official posts on social media are incoming!

Join us on Telegram as well:




✅ BEHOLD. THE NEW CATJAM WEBSITE IS LIVE: https://www.catjamtoken.io

🎉 Tonight, smart contracts launch on the Cardano blockchain. We will roll out the migration step by step.

1️. First, we will give away 1 BILLION BSC Catjam tokens to a lucky winner.

2️. Then, we will sit back and vibe to the absolute epicness that is the launch of smart contracts on Cardano and develope our new Catjam token. This will probably take a few days.

3️. When the new token is minted, we will wait for an exchange or DEX to enable liquidity pools for Cardano tokens.

4️. Then…showtime. 🤩




✅ Catjam Token is now finally tracked on Coinmarketcap: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/catjam/

✅ Catjam token Cardano migration will happen in September, when Cardano smart contracts go live. The migration is expected to take some time to complete. New Catjam tokenomics and initial price will be announced, total supply will remain the same. Be early and fill your bags now to be eligible for the huge airdrops right after migration.

And ofcourse, don’t forget to…KEEP CALM AND VIBE! 😼🎶

Yours truly,




Catjam Token

Catjam Token

Catjam is a community driven meme coin with good vibes living on the Cardano blockchain.